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The Informer was contacted by Bert Kammerer with some interesting news ...

Hi , I've had a total of 4 Ikon2 units and have had the sensor error "154 Vertical Sensor out of range" on 2 of them. This affects the accellerometers and makes rescue and self level unusable and hazardous. Only fix is return the unit.
I'm wondering if this occurs very often or if I have been unlucky 50% of the time. I'm at a crossroads as to whether or not I can continue to trust Ikon2. I bought 3 so I could update and standardize my fleet. The first time it occurred I was advised to send it back, so I did and got a refund. Bought another, the replacement came from a completely different...
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Community Highlights! August 2017...

Welcome back to our 6th edition VLOG which captures flying events at MRCHC August 13th 2017.

My day starts off arriving at the field at 6:50am. A huge day flying literally from the break of dawn. I finally re maiden my Synergy E7se after my desolder and auto down hard landing (covered in Vlog 2). All of my flights are with Revolectrix go packs which have about 80 -100 cycles and inherent low IR's delivering awesome power.

Lots of drama and events including a Compass 6HV deciding to have some belt bolognese for lunch and some great...
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Steele's First Matty Flip...
This is a quick reference article for anyone wanting to know how to replace gears on the 3001hv servos from BK.



Make sure you remove your servo horn. Pull apart servo by unscrewing the 4 LONG screws at the rear of the servo.

Take note of the gear positions or refer to the photos above for reference.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO MISPLACE THE TWO GEAR PINS: the long pin is for the two center gears and the short pin secures the cup gear on the left.

Pull off the old gears and be careful not to loose the gear pins. If you loose one you...
What a fab 13th Aug Sunday.

My day started off arriving at the field at 6:50am. A huge day flying literally from the break of dawn. Only made better with the company of Bryan Stu, Daniel Harding, Brian Johnson, Ray Close, Phil Coghill all at the field enjoying the days flying.

I remaidened my E7se today. Thanks to Sean Hodge from Zenrc for all the parts including rail main and tail blades allowing me to get my bird in the air again!


A full days flying with lots of drama and events including Brians 6HV belt giving resulting in a...
I have been to see Tamas and he gave me this video: Pulse Battery 12s 5000mAh 45C - Tamas Levardi -

Professionally built and ground tested, but never flown. Includes digital pitch gauge, extra battery, training gear and Microbeast USB computer interface. Save big!! $375 plus shipping. Send PM.


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