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Since I changed to Futaba and using the 8FG I am loving it. Would almost get a 14SG but the 8 feels more comfy in my hand. It does everything I need and more, works fantastic with CGY750 and is easy to navigate. What are your thoughts?
Has anyone had experience with the warp. I hear people claim it is really tough and light. Is it? I want to know because when I have a minip at the moment and am stoked with it, but another heli of equal ability and toughness would not go astray
2012-10-28 08.49.44.jpg
My 550e
2013-04-21 11.11.05.jpg
Kasama 90N (It wasn't me on the sticks on this one)

A have a goblin one somewhere, I'll post that when I find it
Ludwig is a real promising young pilot. We hope to see more of his videos here as his continues to excel in this sport/hobby/obsession.

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