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I had one of those husband jobs to do today and that was to fix the clothes dryer.

Im sorry that I fixed the dryer instead of going for a fly!
Well I thought as our hobby is more in demand for bigger chargers. More and more people are building there own charging stations. So I thought I would be the first to post one up. Here is mine I built a little time ago. Main aim I had in mind was to minimise wires to keep it tidy.

Great site guys, looks clean and easy to use. Well done.

Hey guys, Thought I'd start the Synergy Category off with a pictures thread. So get to it, Show us your Synergy!! :D

Well I am a Futaba man all the way. But I have been buddy boxing some people lately with the NEW DX9 with the wireless system and now I think I want to change. I am so sorry I do not know what to do?
Up for sale is a mcpx bl that I don't fly any more.
Includes everything that came with it, plus one extra lipo.
Forgive me father, for I have sinned,

I have commited Sloth, the desire of ease, I have been spending time flying a Blade 450 3D instead of repairing my Hirobo SDX which I had put into the ground.

But the worst is the abomination I have created, I have attached a 3GX controller and Trex to a Mikado flybarless head.
Any tips on orientation practice ?

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