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Learn to Fly 3d RC Helicopters

hi , I am a light 3d flier from reno,NV , main heli is a align 600 with the 750mx booster kit , pulse batteries, just switched from ar7200bx to the ikon fbl system, spectrum dx7s
What is going on in here... On ArcHeli i can stay logged in for DAYS... Yet on here i am logged out ater a short period of no activity...
Wanted: AU Spekky Dx6i
Do any of you lads have a cheap DX6i in good nick that you're looking to offload? I'm after something that I can give my 7yo nephew to start simming with.

Mode 2 preferrable.
Here is a little bit of Bert giving some tips on the 570

Matt testing the N7's amphibious qualities.

What are you E7SE boys running ESC & Motor wise?

I'm think of picking up a kit when they come back into stock at ARK. I'm no smack pilot, but hope to be one day ;), so I'd like to get some decent gear. Probably don't want to fork out for a Kosmik 200 though..
Well, here is the story.
I thought I'd get a PLANK, so I organized a swap for a 550 rexy (blinged) RTF that I have for a 3D electric plank. I had the 3gx on it (heli), and he wanted the firmware upgraded to 4.0, no problems. So I thought I would just give it the final check over and I plugged the battery in to spool up and the ESC went pop. Smoked it. It was the original 70amp one that came with the kit, I had about 260 flights on it - bad timing. Purchased a talon 90 put that in, worked perfectly on set up, then next day, about to hand the bird over, and pop - that ESC smoked too. It...
Learn how to hover side on, and how to stay safe while learning.

This video covers tips for learning side on hovering and stick movements with a Mode 2 controller, Also an update on tail control for tail in hovering.

NOTE: For a better quality video, change the youtube video settings to 720P

Dear lord,

Yes, I know Blade Helicopters where created when a leper in hell decided to flop its butt cheeks over the tiolet bowl and take a dump.

But how fracking hard is it for lucifer to stock the latrine with tiolet paper and make a real manual like every other manufacturer has done?

Lucifer, if your reading this, get of your arse you munt, this is why god had cast you out of his kingdom, because you where to lazy to write a real manual.

Had I not know a real manual was not included I would have got an 450 align from the start.

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