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Good too see u are all liking the site.. lots of good things to come.. u just wait..

Anyway.... anyone care to share there real name so that we can put nicks to names and we know whos who... you dont have to.. just if u want to..
OK bitches get ya night rigs out tomorrow at freestylers
Hey Guys,

wondering if anyone knows what the actual fastest recorded speed is for RC helis for Aus and the world ?
WoW, Thats a lot in such a short time .. it's only been live for like 3 or 4 days
Well first of all I am assuming that you know how to fly inverted and normal figure 8s.. You must have orientation down pat before trying any of these maneuvers for real. Now Rainbows will be one of the first of what I call power moves and they can be relatively simple and deceptively difficult at the same time.

Firstly I recommend that you do the rainbow at an angle away from yourself. So if you panic the helicopter will not hit you. Safey first.

With the helicopter head angled away from you, flip the helicopter to approx 70 degrees back and push out using...
Bert Kammerer and his wife Suzi Kammerer and are very pleased to be the new official exclusive distributor for Spartan RC in the USA

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Watching RC cars smash themselves to pieces is rather amusing. The best crash is at about the 2 minute mark. Damaged about as much as a very high headspeed 700 sized helicopter stack! Good times.
I am a field rep for Spartan Avionics, and I can help answer any setup questions you may have. I am based in the US though, so my replies may be slightly slow.
As I live in Perth, the winds are generally very strong.

I noticed that on a simulator, when setting a strong wind ( 40 kph / 20 knots ), it was challenging to take off using a normal flight mode, however, taking off using idle up or a higher head speed made the take off much easier and cleaner, along with hovering.

Has anyone tested this characteristic in real life?

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