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Sinner I have Many
For we are the "Heli Devils" .. The banner of users ...
Here is a nice video put together by Nate Gaze. Highlights from the Heli Heat Wave.
I just got Real Flight, I see other people on the net talking about models i dont have, where can i get more and how do i load them / import them in ..
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm totally new to the hobby and forums.. So i hope this is the right spot to ask ?

I have watched a few people fly with white blades, but assume black ones are easier to see, correct ? i just bought a Trex 450 second hand with Black blades, But still trying to get a hover going in the Sim before i try and hover it..
Only just got my first heli, so no sins yet, lol .. give me time i'm sure i'll be back in this section..
Hi All,

I like this site, It's nice looking .. I'm a TOTAL Newbie .. So not much to tell.. Looking forwad to using this site, I have set it as my home page.. :)
Newbie Help Hex Drivers
Hello All,

Can you guys recommend a good set of drivers, I keep stuffing mine up, The cheap ones from china don't seem very strong at all..

Looking for a good set, Where the end dont wear out and go round.. This stuffs up all my hex heads.. :mad:

Hi All,

Just officially registered today, I started RC heli's about a year ago.. learnt a lot from the experienced flyer's at my local club. Decided to join the forum as it looks really fresh and new, So i thought well.. I'm
new aswell, so it matches.. LOL ...

I chose this forum because of the nice layout and the Social Media integration, I really hope it grows. Such a nice looking Forum and user friendly as well, Well done Admin's ..

Heli's :

I started off with Blade 400, At first there where a lot of crashes, It started getting very expensive to fix, After about 6 months and a lot...
I pack my helis in the car the night before and the next day tell my wife I'm off the the hardware store for a look, Then i pop down to my local for a few packs, lol

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