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I just bought the spectrum telemetry , I will be using it for rpm, flight pack voltage , and high voltage main pack. my question is they only have directions how to hook to a spectrum receiver and I will be connecting to the ikon, will I still plug it in to bind port for powering the telemetry unit and transmitting data, and how do I use the same rpm sensor for telemetry and the ikon gov

thank you in advance
I have been suffering through 100 minute charge times with a little Thunder A/C6 charger for quite a while, and I finally got tired of it. So I decided treat myself to a new charger a few days ago, and purchased a Dynamite Ultra Duo from HeliProz.

I tried it out at the filed today, and it`s awesome! It charged four 6s flight packs in less time than the old charger could charge one.

001 (1024x768).jpg
RIDDLE: Who is behind this picture of our board taken at 12:00 midnight and why? You must give the reason WHY as well. 10 blessing points to the first right answer.

Hi Everyone, this is just an idea - see what you think

The helicopter disciplines are segregated into three areas generally.. F3C, 3D and Speed. Could anyone ever contemplate an event where all three disciplines were mixed into one?

For example, The routine would go for three minutes.

1 Minute of F3C flying after which time a buzer would sound
1 Minute of SPEED flying to see how fast you could go - Buzzer
1 Minute of all out Smak to music of your choice.

It would be called the Heli Triathalon!

So the score would be dependent on the result of all three!
In the heli masters 2014 there are no AU representatives. Can someone give some perspective as to why? Quite a few USA competitors though....
Ok I dont agree with this list... Please give me your comments here..
Here is Nick Maxwells take on Pirouetting Circles. Its best to watch all tutorials because each teacher gives you a different perspective

Can you draw your dream canopy? IE can you submit what you would like your canopy to look like? Hand drawn, photo shopped whatever... Even a picture of an existing canopy would be fine.

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