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Its with a growing concern I post this announcement to all my Heli Brethren. Crash Heligod is reigning supreme at the moment causing havoc and destroying helicopters and bank balances around the world. At one time I thought I had this vile creature under control. But to my dismay he has now become a menacing wraith once again.

To often I see people revelling in the splendour after observing a brother crash - the pilot turns to those who he needs support from most and the brothers often provide empathetic recognition of the pain he is experiencing. Yet the moment the pilots back is...
Well i have used only Spektrum and Futaba. So I ask the wider RC Helicopter community. What is the best and most reliable Transmitter for flying RC Helicopters. Its very obvious that the technology is changing all the time but when it comes to helicopters, many of the advanced features are redundant. You generally need great gimbals, a great feel, easy to setup and use - reliability! and long battery life. So lets vote and find a consensus!
One of my all time favorite pilots for sure... But someone mentioned to me that its crazy to fly that close. Me? I think Tareq has the skills to take evasive action if required. Does everyone else think the same?

Yes it's back together and ready for a test flight. After a few hassel's geting parts it's all good to go.



Now all I have to do is keep that " No Good Skumm Sucking brown eye " CrashHeli away from this !
The new online user guide and firmware is available here:
Australian Certified UAV Operators (ACUO) have today said local business New Era Film and Photography are not a holder of a CASA UAV Operator Certificate (UOC).

This comes after yesterday’s incident where a triathlete was struck on the head by a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone) according to witnesses and the triathlete herself, Raija Ogden.

Read the full story here:
Mostro are happy to announce that the Mostro is being released. Production kits are being sent to the rep pilots and we’re getting ready for shipments to customers. Customer shipments could start this week or next week at the latest. We thought we would start shipping today March 31st. but we decided to incorporate a last-minute suggestion from a building session last Saturday to make it easier to do some setups. We’re making that addition right now so that the kits are shipped with them.

As some of you know we spent this last weekend in Las Vegas with our Factory Pilot Jason Bell doing...
The new KDE Direct SAB Heli Division Goblin 570 Upgrade Series is now available, with a host of Upgrades and Brushless Motors compatible with the new offering.

The Aluminum 6061-T6 Bell Crank Lever and Landing Gear Supports, originally offered for the Goblin 500 series, are directly compatible with the new series to replace the easily broken and injection-molded stock components.

In high demand are the Landing Gear Supports - simply install the new upgrade, swap out the stock 570 landing gear struts with a pair of 500 carbon-fiber landing gear [SAB #H0241-S], and you now have a robust...
Sneak Pictures: New TORQ Servo Series Coming Soon !

The popular high performance TORQ BL9180 HV servo now looks even more … appealing, …with its new look. Here is the sneak peak of the new TORQ BL9280 and BL9288 HV standard servo. Coming soon !!!”



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