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  1. Grubscrew
    Grubscrew HeliGods
  2. Johnnybgoode
    slowly getting better
  3. PJ1977
    PJ1977 smakmeharder
    Just wanna say hi and hope all is good I know its been a while.
  4. smakmeharder
    Never get tired of smaking a heli!
  5. PJ1977
    PJ1977 smakmeharder
    Hello "smackmeharder" just wanted to say hi hope all is well and good bud.
  6. PJ1977
    PJ1977 simon
    That Avatar you got with the storm trooper is a classic I love it. Wassup
    Simon how's my fellow heligod?
    hope all is well.
    1. smakmeharder
      Yes it is pretty funny dude... from day 1 @simon has had this Avatar
      Nov 5, 2016
  7. PJ1977
    PJ1977 simon
    Hello Simon just wanted to say hi and hope all is good with you .Just added a new member to my helicopter family.
    The Alzrc 380 devil. A 380 GOBLIN clone.
    1. simon
      Great stuff, looking forward to the season about to start here in Victoria. Send some pics of the build to HG, it will be great
      Oct 17, 2016
  8. smakmeharder
    Such a fun time at the Heligods Funfly...
  9. MadBird
    Enroute to RCHN4
  10. MadBird
    Off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of... Lower Heli!
  11. smakmeharder
    A smak a day keeps the stress away...
    1. MadBird likes this.
    2. MadBird
      Jul 14, 2016
  12. smakmeharder
    If I had more time and unlimited money. i would hard smak a TDR, have a heli mechanic and swap my dog for a tiger.Well probably keep my dog.
  13. 3dmick
    3dmick Crash Heligod
    One two frack off and follow some one else lol
    1. smakmeharder likes this.
  14. smakmeharder
    wagga wagga here i come
  15. 3dmick
    Wagga Wagga here we come lol
  16. hgnimda
    you can now post for sale items and they will stream to rc heli talk and our facbook and twitter pages
  17. 3dmick
  18. The Dude
    The Dude
    Tail Down ! Tail Down !
  19. josh
    faree balayded ghoblen inbound
  20. bjay415
    I hate the cold , bring on summer

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