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Discussion in 'The Chat Room' started by simon, Aug 1, 2017.

By simon on Aug 1, 2017 at 8:48 AM
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    Hi Guys

    I saw this, it's a new battery from Thunder Power for FPV. The specs are pretty crazy. Be nice when they bring out bigger packs (if they can) for helis. In summary:

    1300mAh 4-Cell/4S 14.8V FPV Adrenaline 100C LiPo, XT60
    Max Charge: 5C
    Max Cont. Discharge: 100C
    Max Charge Current: 6.5A
    Max Burst Discharge: 200C
    Max Burst Current: 260A
    Weight (g): 156
    Max Cont. Current: 130A
    Dimensions (mm): 35 x 35 x 81

    How awesome is that!


Discussion in 'The Chat Room' started by simon, Aug 1, 2017.

    1. smakmeharder

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      Mar 3, 2014
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      Impressive specifications. Thinking about it, the IR of the battery would be very very low - probably less than 1 ohm Speaking to @gonehelimad on the weekend he categorizes his batteries in to onesies and twosies. Anything from 1 to 2 ohm was considered a strong pack. Anything above say 2.3 ohm per cell was starting to wear and on the way towards greener pastures. From experience, this sounds about right. The revolectrix batteries are still holding up btw. Still strong.
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