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Discussion in '600 - 750 Class Helis' started by PJ1977, Aug 7, 2017.

By PJ1977 on Aug 7, 2017 at 5:24 AM
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    Aug 8, 2016
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    Hello my Heligods and what and Honor and privilege it is to be here in the presence of some of the finest rc helicopter pilots in the world.
    I have one tough question to ask you
    Gods. I am building an assault 700 helicopter by HobbyKing here's the layout I'm either going to go with the Y EP 120 amp ECS or a Castle Creations 120 amp ECS the motor is going to be in align 5:30 for the 700 helicopters my servos are going to jx HV at 50 dollars a pop my tail servo is going to be a Turnigy 1253 my bec will be CC 20a 7.4 to 8v my gyro well that's still on the fence I am still deciding on that. My point is is do you guys think a 120 amp ECS is going to be enough or will I blow that out I don't want to start a fire and ruined my expensive helicopter I'm putting a lot of money into this because my dream was to own a 700 class helicopter.
    Thank you and God bless to anyone who can help


Discussion in '600 - 750 Class Helis' started by PJ1977, Aug 7, 2017.

    1. smakmeharder

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      Mar 3, 2014
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      Hi @PJ1977 congratulations on your purchase. Firstly i could not find your motor specs on your post. Your motor specification largely determines the current requirement for your ESC. You should have an overhead of around 20%+ max load otherwise you could trip out the ESC via overload or even worse your ESC could ignight (Castle Cremations - i mean Creations have been know to spontaneously combust in the past). Now you need to make sure you really check the basics. Remember if you can fly a small helicopter - you can fly a bigger helicopter. The difference is largely in your mind - infact a larger helicopter is usually more stable - but can do more damage of course.
    2. Servo

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      Jul 4, 2014
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      Pj I have an assault 700.
      It's flies great with all components being hk or similar.
      Yeah check your motor specs first before purchasing the speedy.
      20 % headroom is good.
      Enjoy and upgrade when you replace the parts.
      easy :)
    3. Beaver

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      Oct 22, 2014
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      Nothing really wrong with "clone" helis, I started with an Align clone 450..... The trick is going with genuine parts when upgrading the "second-line" parts. Some clone parts are good enough, but when you get into harder flying, the lesser quality parts will show themselves at the most inopportune moment.... Usually after a mild crash.
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      Mar 21, 2014
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      Hi @PJ1977 , I too built an assault 700 and found it a great no fuss heli . Just check your swash mine was a bit sloppy and I eventually upgraded it .
      ESC , 120a will be fine paired with I'm guessing the 750mx 530Kv motor ? I'm running one in my mostro and have seen 140amp spikes on speed runs , just use the recommended settings from align - 12kHz pwm & medium timing .
      Servos , spend as much as you can afford .
      I have a motto regarding electronic toys -- I'm too poor to buy cheap !!

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