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    Most often RC pilots might wonder what F3N is with regards to helicopter competitions. Well F3N is just a classification given to a style of helicopter flying by the world governing body "Federation Aeronautique International". It is almost like as if F3C and 3d decided to have a child - and F3N was the result. One way of describing F3N would be structured and disciplined 3d (something I personally am not used to - lol). If I were trying to put a face to the styles i would consider F3c to be Sean Connery - 3d to be Eddie Van Halen and F3N would be Keanu Reeves from the Matrix.

    F3C Sean Connery

    3D Eddie Van Halen


    F3N Keanu Reeves - Matrix


    F3N breaks down into 3 specific rounds in the same manner as 3D Masters or Helimasters. It follows the format of most major helicopter competitions around the World:

    - Set Manoeuvres

    - Freestyle

    - Flight to Music

    The main objective of F3N is to provide a Competition which will have consistent standards global standards of judging and give Countries the chance to develop a team and compete.

    F3n provides an excellent grounding and discipline for all other 3D maneuvers.


Discussion in 'F3N General' started by smakmeharder, Oct 29, 2015.

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