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By ZEN RC on May 19, 2017 at 3:15 PM
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    FireballCS.JPG SAB Fireball - Bring On the Heat.

    Pre Order at ZEN RC now !!

    Utilizing an ultra innovative Direct Drive motor to main shaft layout, the Goblin Fireball 280 utilizes no transmission system, with the tail belt being direct driven. This allows massive levels of simplicity & functionality, making the system ultra durable and incredibly easy to repair.

    Offered in (2) different packages, the SAB Goblin 280 is the most innovative micro sized heli to ever debut, with proven SAB quality coalesced with pure ballistic 3D performance.

    Innovative, gorgeous and ready to push the envelope of micro 3D flight, the Goblin Fireball 280 features cutting edge capability & functionality that sets it apart from any other micro heli on the market today.

    - Minimal Parts & Low Complexity with Direct Drive Motor Layout
    - Micro Servo Design for Maximum Levels of Performance & Control
    - Ultra Innovative Centralised Motor Layout for Optimum CG
    - Massively Strong Polycarbonate Canopy & Boom
    - Incredibly Low Parts Count for Ease of Assembly & Repair
    - Convertible to Mini Comet in Minutes via Simplified Design
    - Direct Flight Control System via Swashplate to Rotor System

    Available June 28th, pre-order now while time allows!

    Kit Options:

    SG280 - Goblin Fireball 280 Kit + Motor + Blades
    SG281 - Goblin Fireball 280 Kit + Motor + ESC+ (4) Servos + Blades


Discussion in 'ZenRC' started by ZEN RC, May 19, 2017.

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      Nice! Lets see how these affect the small heli market!

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