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Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by Manyc, Feb 1, 2016.

By Manyc on Feb 1, 2016 at 11:58 AM
  1. Manyc

    Manyc Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2014
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    Ok so to continue my way down the dark side of quads.. I picked up on of these... the other day .. thanks for the hookup @BladeBandit ... anyway previous experience is with a ZMR build from scratch deal. And while it was interesting I generally cant be bothered.. I spend way to much time wrenching on Helis...

    anyway this will run on either 3s or 4s. If you new into it, go 3s, if you an old hand.. 4s all the way...

    Going over it, I think the quality of the frame is top notch. to the point where they have a grounding plate to help with the conductivity of the carbon.. from the looks, it looks like the real deal.. all the screws are loctited in, and the ESC's are connected be wired onto a solder pad.. not a servo connector as some ARTF frames do.

    Other than doing a firmware update, you dont need a PC. Just bind a RX, install it, add a pack, and the rest is done via the sticks and you goggles/screen. Setup takes all of 5 min, and everything can be done from the OSD, including PID tuning, OSD changes, all of it..

    So I took it to the field on Sunday and opened her up.. I dont have much experience with 4s setups.. and I am sure there are more powerful setups.. but this thing is fast enough for me... most of the guys were impressed when I hit the throttle...

    anyway.. some little things I like.. I will update likes and dislikes as I use it a bit...

    * everything via OSD, and having inbuilt Pro Tunes
    * rotor sense.. Motor spinning the wrong way.. no probs, just spin it a few times and it changes direction
    * Vtx being able to change channels and bands via the TX.. even change the strength of the signal
    * Construction looks quality
    * get a carry case
    * FPV Camera on a vibration mount, so video is smooth
    * oneshot ESC's

    * Not sure how easy to replace any of the electrical components that are on the board
    * stock FPV camera not the greatest..

    I'll try and get some video's and post if I can.
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Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by Manyc, Feb 1, 2016.

    1. Jerry68

      Jerry68 New Member

      May 18, 2016
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      very tiny multirotor. Design is nice.
    2. smakmeharder

      smakmeharder Administrator

      Mar 3, 2014
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      Yes it is impressive to watch! the FPV is very good as well. Better than what i expected. And yes - they are STRONG and FAST.
    3. simon

      simon Well-Known Member

      Mar 19, 2014
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      @Manyc , great succinct review. Does it come with a manual that's useful, or did you have to go to the net for everything, rephrased, how easy would it be for a know-nothing numpty like myself to get flying?
    4. Manyc

      Manyc Well-Known Member

      Mar 14, 2014
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      it doesnt have a manual with it... you can download a "quick start guide" but everything after that is done via the OSD... simple default "pro tunes" for the Flight controller just work... and it is a tank... except when you fall from 20 feet directly onto a fence... the most damage I caused.. i have plowed it into concrete, into trees... it just takes it..

      here is a vid from flight test on how to set it up... basically follow the on screen instructions... if you using sbus, you just need to swap the cable (spektrum by default), plug it into a PC first to change it..before doing the rest

      here is a vid of me plowing into a tree... the tree broke a prop.. the fence did the rest...

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