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By Richard Knapp on Mar 9, 2018 at 6:59 PM
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    09 March 2018 – Italy

    Oxy 4 - M18 Release Update Information.

    I have been working many hours on Oxy 4 plastic tail blade issue. I feel very bad we have such a large inconsistency, it’s not our philosophy having issue, and in any case, we need to fix fast, and once for all.

    I feel so bad about this situation, because it makes our OXY 4 look bad, when we know it is not.

    We don’t produce the Oxy 4 Plastic Tail Blades. We own the mold, but suppliers inject for us. We cannot find a definitive solution to assure the perfect quality need in our product line. For that reason I decided a solid solution that we already have tested for several weeks already.

    Testing different brand of Carbon Fiber tail blades, with all possible Oxy 4 configuration and settings, we went over the limit and without tail issues anymore.

    M18 Update is the new route for you customers that gives the best OXY 4 quality as possible.

    Today I decided and today we introduce the new M18 Oxy 4 Edition!

    Starting today, without Kit prices changes here what Oxy is going to do for you and for the Oxy 4.

    OXY 4 Kit M18 Update Kit List

    New P/N for Kits is now available:

    OXY4-325M18-NMB - Oxy 4 Kit - No Main Blade, Zeal Tail Blade 62mm
    OXY4-325M18-ZMTB - Oxy 4 Kit - Zeal Blade 325mm, Zeal Tail Blade 62mm
    The new M18 Edition keeps the same Oxy 4 specification as early edition, but we introduce the follow updates.

    - 1 Full Set with 3 different thickness of main blade shim included on both kit. (0.5-0.6-0.75mm).

    - 1 x 62mm CF Zeal tail blades included on both kit. (No more plastic tail blades. 62mm CF Zeal only.)

    Because from the release date to now, we sold kits with plastic tail blades. Here is our support for those that already have purchased the Oxy 4.

    We will support our customer and dealer. For sure. I feel it’s our duty.

    If you have a kit already, maybe you fly with 62mm or 68mm tail blade. Maybe you already purchased CF tail blade. Maybe not. The point is that Oxy 4 should fly with CF tail blades.

    NOTE: Is your responsibility from this notice forward, if you have a plastic tail blade kit. Stop fly the 62 or 68mm plastic tail blade and replace with CF tail blades. (Zeal or another other brand).

    Here is the offer that I believe will made you all happy and proud to fly OXY.

    You can choose 62mm or 68mm Zeal CF tail blade as free replacement, or we can pay you back 13.99 USD (retail price for Zeal CF Tail Blade). The offer covers the product cost and not the shipping.

    For Dealer or Distributor we have different support plan that will handle privately.

    All I ask is you to do is contact us and provide the follow information:

    - Your full Name and e-mail address.

    - You’re Kit Serial Number (the one in the S/N Card).

    - Were the kit was purchased. (Dealer and country)

    - Date of purchasing.

    - Zeal Tail Blade Size you need per replacement (62 or 68mm).

    - Your choice for a replacement or refund. Lynx Direct Replacement. Local Dealer purchase (pick one on the list below), or just a refund.

    You can choose free or refund. Zeal 62 or 68mm tail blade from Lynx or if you would like purchase from a local vendor (see Oxy Dealer list) and save on shipping. If you already purchased. We can send you by Pay-Pal 13.99 USD as compensation.

    You can choose free Zeal tail blades, 62 or 68mm in a new order or create a group list, with users/serial numbers for a team shipping list with one shipping address and share Lynx shipping cost.

    Below the Oxy Dealers list in different country where you can purchase it saving Lynx shipping cost.



    Web Site

    Mad 4 Heli




    Rotor Quest


    The Heli Hangar and Hobby


    Darklake RC


    Live Hobby



    Hong Kong

    Devon Stock














    RC Outlet


    Dannie Wang


    Fast Lad


    A Main Hobbies


    Heli Direct


    Hobby Boost


    Answering the question of many users concerned about ejecting plastic tail blades. I am working with new Injection Mold and Materials. Once the new plastic tail blade will be available and fully approved, we will restock and offer as a low price option spares.

    Please can you all share this Notice Update and the Oxy 4 – M18 Update and release and contact us for more info and support.

    [email protected]

    Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation.

    Luca Invernizzi

    CEO Lynx Heli Innovations / Oxy Heli.


Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Richard Knapp, Mar 9, 2018.

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      Oxy is definitely a class heli. I know how Luca puts lots of effort into every single design - I have not seen an issue that hasn't been addressed properly. This notice shows the commitment and honesty.

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