Sold Sab Goblin 570 $1200

Discussion in 'Public Sales / Wanted' started by Mark B, Jun 26, 2017.

By Mark B on Jun 26, 2017 at 9:34 PM
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    Nov 25, 2014
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    SAB Goblin 570
    Never crashed 12s 570 goblin, it's only ever been sport flown as I can't do 3D. It has a canomod Rad Eyes full carbon canopy and boom. I have also pin striped the original canopy and boom in green and clear coated over it. 18425450_10213183672454436_1250161067774343095_n.jpg
    $1200 (plus postage if needed)
    Servos: Cyclic Outrage Torq bl9180, Tail Outrage Torq bl9188
    Motor: Savox BSM 5055 550kv
    ESC: Castle Creations Talon 120hv
    Blades: SAB thunder bolt mains and tails
    Extras: Optipower ultra guard, hobbyking orange gov sensor, original black line blades, lynx tail case brace, lynx precision tail bell crank leaver, 500 sport tail fin, SAB CNC Deleon main gear, SAB carry bag, random spare screws and original parts
    I am so have the box for it if that is wanted.
    It's fitted with a Spartan Vortex vx1e and Futaba receiver that I would prefer to keep but could be included for additional $$$

    I'm only selling to thin my fleet a little and I'm not flying this much since I bought a t-Rex 550l. I'm located in Newcastle NSW and fly at Rebels flying field if you wanted to see the heli fly. 18342623_10213183672494437_7488810755847382494_n.jpg
    18446745_10213183672894447_235218873495131094_n.jpg 18402949_10213183673014450_6124392926725372503_n.jpg 18423848_10213183673334458_6437623232430347288_n.jpg 18403305_10213183673494462_8413853152351225996_n.jpg 18402839_10213183673654466_5429293588950164196_n.jpg 18423890_10213183673934473_1867323399288481657_n.jpg 18424193_10213183674134478_3505287392859873227_n.jpg 18342153_10213183674414485_804668495374624682_n.jpg 18446647_10213183674614490_6405647151261671412_n.jpg 18403283_10213183674694492_7406855178124228019_n.jpg 18342168_10213183675134503_8325536968673456990_n.jpg 18446856_10213183675334508_1838487629584076154_n.jpg 18403410_10213183675654516_6852109246600244084_n.jpg 18342588_10213183675814520_4009703155467343618_n.jpg 18342736_10213183676254531_363483477271311825_n.jpg 18402846_10213183676894547_8574391352179090387_n.jpg 18402633_10213184037383559_5503369153619227680_n.jpg 18403386_10213183676414535_6937890954051513429_n.jpg
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Discussion in 'Public Sales / Wanted' started by Mark B, Jun 26, 2017.

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