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By mr_squiggle on May 24, 2014 at 7:06 PM
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    After building a charging case with two modified HP server power supplies and finding that there were quite a few clubs nervous about using modified power supplies I set about finding a replacement with the grunt needed to run a 1000W Hyperion 720i Super Duo 3 charger.
    Enter stage left an eFuel 1200W power supply, the new model with the active PFC since I wanted to use it with a generator. Day one and and I get a VPP error on the first charge of a 3000mA 6S pack and the unit shuts down. Have another go & this time watch what's happening and the supply is trying to maintain the current but the voltage is dropping and then the unit shuts down after 5 - 10 seconds with the same fault. Bugger.........
    Back to the LHS and after a few weeks have it confirmed that there's a design problem. Bugger again.....
    Get a refund & head off in search of an alternative power supply.

    Chargery ( make a range of power supplies with a 2 year warranty and the 1500W one looks pretty good so I order one for USD$350 delivered direct from the manufacturer as there's no distributor in Australia. I picked the 1500W because I'm not a fan of running stuff at the limit. I could have picked the 1200W one, but bugger it I liked the display version and the XT90 output jack. I just cut the banana plugs off the charger cable & added a XT90 plug rather than use the one that came with it.

    So far I've only pulled 15A out of it fast charging two 5S packs and the fan comes on intermittently when the internal temp gets to ~45 deg C. I'm pretty impressed so far, the unit runs cool & has no dramas.

    1. Does what it's supposed to so far & case remains very cool.
    2. Output voltage is very stable (measured by multimeter) even when load changes quickly.
    3. XT90 output plug with cables neatly made up come in the box which is great as a 4mm banana plugs can get a bit warm pulling big amps.
    4. Adjustable output voltage & current (can be limited so you don't blow stuff up)
    5. 2 year warranty

    1. Power lead supplied has a bloody American plug, so I'll be changing that.
    2. There's a loud beep that goes for about 5 seconds when it get's switched on at the mains power. Scares the s^%t out of you the first time!

    Next test will be parallel charging some 5S packs so I'm not sitting around as long in between Logo 600 flights. Time to make the Hyperion work for it's money.

    Verdict: Looks like a credible alternative to the eFuel at a reasonable price for the capacity.

    Top view cropped small.jpg
    Outlet end cropped small.jpg
    Fan end cropped small.jpg
    Display cropped small.jpg
    Charge lead cropped small.jpg
    Power lead cropped small.jpg

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