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Discussion in 'Castle Creations ESC and Software' started by Stuart, Sep 2, 2014.

By Stuart on Sep 2, 2014 at 8:12 PM
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    Just coming up to speed (no pun intended) on governor settings et al. Looking to understand how to read and interpret the Castle data graphs to evaluate performance, battery factors, heat and other relevant info to arrive at optimal balance in setup etc.

    I can understand the basics in terms of consistent RPM etc but am wondering what advice members would have in evaluating the data presented and what tolerances specific elements should be kept within for optimal and safe operation etc.

    I have an Synergy E5 running 6S 5000, 13T pinion, 119 main gear, 556 rail main blades, 96 rail tail blades, Scorpion HKIII 4025-1100 and Castle ICE2 120 HV.

    I'm running head speed of 2160 / 2260 / 2335. Sport flying with some gentle flips, rolls and loops etc.

    I'm getting getting around 5.5-6 mins with around 30% remaining at 2260 and 20-21% at 2335.

    I like the 2260 headspeed, it's responsive enough for my flying style and heli seems to come down cooler and packs less stressed at that HS. I have noted recently that @ 2335 the components seem hotter.

    I plan to do a few evaluation flights this weekend at each HS performing the same routines to provide a basis for Castle data logging comparison.

    I am looking for guidance and education, information sources etc on how to evaluate the data graphs.

    Teach me @HeliGod Father


Discussion in 'Castle Creations ESC and Software' started by Stuart, Sep 2, 2014.

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