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By TrAuMaChAsER on Apr 3, 2014 at 7:41 PM
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    Just wondering if anyone uses and mobile loggers on their phone or tablet to track there battery and flight info? I just downloaded RC LOG for my android - which looks like a really nice platform and lots of useful info with tons of features to track all kinds of things with your batteries and helis. I also downloaded RC FLIGHTBOOK for the iPad. This also looks pretty cool. I haven't don't much with it but you can set up a lot of setting. Some that I can remember are model, manufacturer, cell number, batter name, flights, cycles, capacity, discharge rate, the list goes on and on. Both were free and both look good. The RC LOG looks a little more difficult to set up and navigate but I haven't really looked at it yet. I've only spent about 3 minutes on each. I wish I had all the set up info that it wants like the number of flights, battery cycles, date the RC model was bought, date the battery was bought, and everything else that's nearly impossible to remember unless you planned on logging the info when you got everything. So to start I'm only going to input my new batteries that I haven't used yet.

    Does anyone else use these programs? Let's get a thread going on logging procedures and practices. What are some of the programs out there to use? Are they free or paid?
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      Yeah I used RC Log for about 6 months. I mainly used it to track my lipo usage and store key heli info like make, model, purchase price and last service etc. good way to track what you spend, but that can sometimes be info you don't want to know!

      I liked its lipo management features. I downloaded the sample QR codes fir lipo identification and then made my own for all my batteries. All you do is scan the QR code with you phone and it allows you to enter the flight time, or the charge mah etc.

      It remember which heli you last used the lipo in, you can change it. So it allows you to track lipo cycle times and flight stats for each heli.

      It was great, but I got lazy a few months ago and stopped using it.

      I liked it, it was a well written app.

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