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Drone Video Soldering Tips
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Soldering Tips...
Check out the video!.Soldering Tips.
RC Heli Nation have just released a new Pod Cast. Head on over and check it out!

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Build Thread Diabolo 550
I got this Diabolo 550 a couple of weeks ago from Len...... It was already built, all I needed to add is an ESC and Vbar. I have been flying it any chance I can get..... And LOVE it!!! Its super smooth, I feel very comfortable with it.....

Motor is a Savox 4760 1200kv
MKS 9767 HV servos
Mini Vbar with Vbar Sat
Zeal tail baldes 80mm
Rail main blades 556

So I just got my Hobbywing 100a ESC and a Mikado Capacity senor. Next I will upgrade the Mini Vbar to a NEO......

Anyway here are some pics.... Oh and im not 100% sold on the Orange! So it might change........
Selling my Goblin 500 sport Airframe with servos (Cyclic: KST DS589M6, Tail: KST DS525M6), Quantum motor, Zeal energy yellow blades, a pair of SAB blades, XNOVA 4020-1200kv 2Y shaft type - B motor and Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3 ESC. I am selling this heli mostly because I prefer flying larger helis; 700+ size. I simiply don't find the smaller helis as enjoyable as the bigger ones. The airframe is in good conditions and has never been in a crash. It has the upgraded landing gear installed which makes it much more stable on the ground than what it use to be.

What you require to get it up...
I have a brand new in package Mikado VBar control panel (Part # MIK 4152). Great little tool and saves having to lug your laptop to the field. I no longer have need for it as I’m now using the VBar Control Radio.

Asking $65 including Post



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I have a brand new in package YGE Prog Card. It is the version 3.

Asking $25 including Post



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I have a new in box Futaba R6303SB receiver. I purchased this but never ended up needing it as I am now using mikado V control and Neo's

Asking $85 including Post.



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I have a used Futaba R6203SB receiver in perfect condition. I purchased this used as a spare but never ended up needing it. Reason for sale is I am now using mikado V control and Neo's

Asking $55 including Post



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