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Here is a call out to fellow Melbourne pilots.

Just wondering if we can work out whos planning on going.
So we can work out accomodation numbers etc.
Drone General Doinkers
Anyone build a Doinker?
Tiny Whoop/Inductrix bigger brother.
Left to right.
ZAP 130 zero, Doinker, Inductrix FPV, Inductrix thefamily.jpg

I build one resonantly and WoW.
Made mine 3s but WoW fast and power. Can't imagine a 4s one.
LYNX Heli has began making quads also.
The CF/race line is the ZAP line.

The small quads, more fun run a rounds, are the Spider line.
Anyone playing with the ZAP quads?

I have a 130 zero and 180 zero

Getting into the LYNX Spider line for the smaller ones.

Zap 130
Wanted: AU 3digi Fbl
Hey Guys
Looking for a 3Digi flybarless unit
Let me know if you have one to sell
A great year for heli flying on the UK show circuit. Here's 2 compilations of my best captured action.

Okay lets start the ball rolling. This is just my opinion by the way... gut feel mainly

SAB: On the up - goblins are dominating
Align: A bit of a decline from their previous market postion
Compass: Not Sure
Soxos: On the incline
Eflight: Decline

I know there are others... lets list them and discuss. Perhaps suggest reason for the companies market status
TREX have a brand new heli on the market! And also a metal version as well - 470mp

RC Heli Nation have just released a new Pod Cast. Head on over and check it out!

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