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The Informer has found another video release from Nick Maxwell. Check it out

The Informer has found some fantastic drone video about Cairngorms National Park, Scotland - Featured showreel by Kirk Watson

As I've switched radio's my old RX's are of no use too me.

1 x Spektrum AR7100R - $30
1 x Spektrum Ar7100 - $30
1 x JR RD921 - $30
2 x Spektrum DSM2 Satellites - $15 each
2 x Spektrum DSMx Satellites - $20 each
2 x JR DSM2 Satellites - $15 each

Satellites have leads, easier to photo without them.

I'm all VBar now so this little fella no longer has a home.

1 x Spartan Vortex VX1e - $125
1 x Spartan DataPod -$50
Well @3dmick informs me that the 420 is mainly made from 380 bits. If this is true (and i hope it is) it raises some questions...

Will the frames be the same? I see no reason to change them.
Will the micro servos have enough tourque? I had to use BKs on the cyclic in order to make it work
Will the motor be suitable? I cant see why not, the existing motor very rarely struggles
Blades... If the head is the same then there is not too many blades at 420 that will fit in the bladegrip holders.
What tail mods will be required? I have not had any...
Up for reluctant sale is my Goblin 500 Sport. Purchased from Zen RC back in March this year (2016) at Heli Heatwave Wagga. Its in immaculate condition, probably had at most 6 flights in total which were only hovering and a few circuits - never crashed or repaired.
Comes fitted with:
Quantum 4120-1200kv Motor
Castle Phoenix Edge 100amp ESC (EC5 connector)
Castle Bec 10amp
BK Servo DS-5001HV Cyclic x 3
BK Servo DS-7005HV Tail
Ikon FBL (polarity protection)
DSMX Satellites x 2
500mm SAB Main Blades (2 sets)
80mm SAB Tail Blades (2 sets)

Heli has been fitted with...
Well Ben after trying to test your Auto Rescue, I thought it might be beneficial to provide you with a little adrenalin dump. After all what's better than maidening a heli? I can tell you.... maidening a heli, testing the rescue function and discovering it was not set up properly!


Your original claim on insurance enabled you to buy another heli (a long story for those who dont know) - however I made sure the RACV do not cover you for heli CRASH insurance. They wont be there for you this time Ben! Through selfless actions I intend to help everyone by...
The Informer has found some fantastic drone video about Vietnam by drone - Featured Creator Ryan Purvis

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I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this First Person Breakfast (FPB)...
Check out the video!.First Person Breakfast (FPB).
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this You Choose the Airframe...
Check out the video!.You Choose the Airframe.
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