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The Informer has found some fantastic drone video about Drone Video Of Ireland - Featured Creator Andrew Grant

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I'm about 16 flights into flying my new Revolextrix Blend 420 Silver label go packs. That's 8 flights on each pack so far. So you could consider these packs as broken in.

I broke each pack in over 8 flights with some easy flying and flying them down as per below.
flight 1 - 70%
flight 2 - 70%
flight 3 - 60%
flight 4 - 60%
flight 5 - 60%
flight 6 - 50 %
flight 7 - 50%
flight 8 - 30%

Summary of results below

Battery Internal Resistance
Battery IR levels at completion of flight 8 (during storage charge are as per below). Generally across both batteries. IRs are...
The informer has been to visit Jonas Wackershauser and he wanted to share with us this exciting video!

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Another Video found by the informer of Tareq Alsadi called SAB Tareq edition blades 690 Goblin Black Thunder 700 Tareq Alsaadi طارق السعدي

I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Kiss AIO vs Rubik's Cube...
Check out the video!.Kiss AIO vs Rubik's Cube.
Size comparison. (at this time info )

450 size with over size canopy holding up to a Pulse 1800mah 6s.
325 on standard length and up to 360 on stretch
As our kits hit customer hands.

IF your kit has a issue. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact a rep for help or

We want to make sure we give the best CS and quality Lynx and OXY are known for.
a personal recount by Nabil Abaki

Pic of the event - Kyle Dahls Logo700 mastery!

Mind numbing precision.....
Adrenaline pumping smack action....
Echoing cheers and laughter

The week ahead promises all this and more!!!

Heliheatwave 2017 is near and like a logo 700 inverted nose in over speed - closes in super fast!!!!


Last minute preparations for travels to Wagga along side final heli pre-flight checks form the compulsory after work...
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