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(Jaws theme music). Just when you thought it was safe to fly gassers, its back, ....

Its no secret, not everyone has had happy success with this engine.

But, I have managed to have my GT 15 HZ engine last, here is my tips / what I did:
- Break in and tuning, be very patient and conservative.
- Always run a bit rich in the mixture.
- 95 unleaded fuel (Premium).
- I used a good oil, Castrol Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Racing 2 stroke.
- When mixing the fuel and oil, I was pedantic, and always added an extra bit of oil ( a drop or so).
- I did a warm up slow...
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Third Person Footrace!...
Check out the video!.Third Person Footrace!.
Anyone here with a Suzy Laos? I have just discovered a potential replacement for the one-off gearset. Obviously not as sturdy as the massive gear that came with it, but the Rave ENV/Ballistic main and auto gear with the Rave one-way hub assembly is almost a bolt-on replacement. I only just got the Rave stuff and have test-fitted it but have not flown it yet.

I was hesitant to build up the Suzy Laos with no prospect of spares for those parts. As I'm not doing a high power setup the Rave main gear should be fine. I have the straight cut version but there is also a choice of two different...
Break out the bottle of vodka!

I stumbled across this by accident, I was surprised that this exists

Russian Internal Combustion RC Heli Engines by NV engines.

I dont know if its a glow plug or gas.

Their about us section seems interesting, I am tempted to get one just for the sake of it.

Has anyone heard much about these engines?
While I have been away from the hobby, I haven't seen anything new come in, in terms of technological progression, however, sooner or later technology will come.

It looks like Futaba has done something in terms of servo's, its for cars, the HPS CB700, but, if you look at the current draw, it looks good, for 49kg-cm of torque and a 0.07 sec speed. No doubt they will migrate it to their other servos

The Informer was contacted by AaronHeli who sat down with me - had a coffee and gave me some interesting news ...

I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Unrestricted Podcast Ep008 - Long Range! (with @fpvprovo and @skyberries_fpv)...
Drone Video Concrete Mansion
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Concrete Mansion...
Check out the video!.Concrete Mansion.
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