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Drone Video Flying Drones Drunk
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Flying Drones DRUNK...

The Informer has found some fantastic drone video about Drone Video Sailing in Croatia - Featured Creator Jus Medic

Looks very promising as a backyard smaker...

(Pic of Rayclose 420 in action)

Arrived at field around 10:30am today. Grey overcast skys with gentle breezes (approx 15km/h) forming my welcome to the field.

Mick Stefani, had arrived ahead of me this morning and whilst waiting patiently for companion pilots to arrive, looked to have a few flights under his belt with pax also cooking away. This was the second weekend in a row for me arriving rather later than usual in the morning ( my usual run is arrive at the field around 7:30-8am). Naturally I was keen to get things moving quickly...

The Informer has just finished sharing a joint with Luca and he showed me this.

Whate else can we say but WOW...
Brain2 ESC Telemetry is HERE!

Extract below from MSH Website

We are very excited to announce the latest Brain2 features! Now Brain2 integrates directly with the most popular ESC’s and transmitters on the market, adding or taking over traditionally external ESC logging features. Brain2 now supports telemetry with the most popular radio systems.

As always, this is a free feature packed update.

Updated Brain.bin for jeti is here

Latest pc GUI can be downloaded...
Wanted: MKS HV9780 Mini Tail Servo
Drone Video Diversity Modules
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Diversity Modules...
Check out the video!.Diversity Modules.
This is TRAGIC news... The guys down at Heli Nation are doing just one more pod cast. This is IT. Please give these guys respect, they have contributed greatly to the heli community over the years. To all at RC HeliNation we say thank you..


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