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The informer has just had a beer with Michal Bencur. He told me that everyone at heligods would like this:

Watch YOUTUBE video here...
Wanted: AU Rail 426 Blades

No local stock at moment

Anybody with a spare set of 426 rails?

Will consider 430 revolution, or switch blades

The informer has been to visit Jonas Wackershauser and he wanted to share with us this exciting video!

Check it out.... The Goblin 420 and the Goblin Comet! Looks very very tasty....

I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this MultiGP Nationals 2016...
Check out the video!.MultiGP Nationals 2016.
With over $3000 dollars worth of prizes and Kyle Stacy doing his smaky thing way down low you would be CRAZY to miss this funfly. Its on ..... like never before!


Thats right, read it a second time! OVER $3000 dollars worth of prizes can be won IF YOU TURN UP at the event! Thats all you need to do! Turn up and fly! so come and see one of the worlds BEST PILOTS (AKA) Kyle Stace and win yourself a prize! Event details here...
RC Heli Nation have just released a new Pod Cast. Head on over and check it out!

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Up for sale is an Atom 6S 4400mAh 60C lipo battery in mint condition which has barely raised a sweat. Used only a handfull of times just for hovering and a few circuits, cells balance up perfectly. No longer required as heli has been sold.

Price $130 posted.

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