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For Sale: AU Compass Motor
4025 505kv 12s

$100 inc post au
I am very happy with my FE kit so far.

Went together easy and clean.

Flies great.
I had a dumb thumb with my OXY 3 GL this last weekend.

Landed perfect after a great (for me) flight.

Hitting TH, my hand rolled and thumb moved the Aleron stick.

Yep, OXY flipped on side and a small chicken dance.

To my surprise. Only a small bend in spindle and small dent in boom (boom still flyable) and main blades.
The Informer has found a great video from about Real Life

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Need at least one set of JR DS11 servo gear sets, or 2 gears out of a set
okay its time to get my young man initiated. he is showing good control on sim and need a good condition 8fg transmitter to get some buddy boxing going

must be in good conditon and working.


any other low cost transmitter options compatible with the 14sg will be considered.
While occasionally looking through RC classifieds around the web, I have seen people selling their RC helicopter claiming that their helicopter is Professionally Built.

Should people be making this claim?

To me, that would mean someone conforming to a technical standard, so for instance, to claim to be a professional one would need to be an aircraft mechanic.

I know there are qualified aircraft mechanics in this hobby, so yes they can make this claim.

I have occasionally seen a properly built RC helicopter on classifieds, where, they did things like cut and crimp the servo wires to the...
Drone Video Zion Cliff Diving
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Zion Cliff Diving...
Check out the video!.Zion Cliff Diving.
The informer has just had a beer with Michal Bencur. He told me that everyone at heligods would like this:

Watch YOUTUBE video here...
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