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Check out Lateline on ABC 1 tonight, their doing a story on the recreational explosion in the use of multirotors.

Air's at 10:30 pm of you may know how much I hate my nano.....but man lol....I went out for the second time outside. I went outside to check the wind and it was calm as Jesus on Valium. So I went out to do some inverted flying and circuits and what not and holy hell the wind started picking up but if I wasn't flying I'd say it wasn't windy at all. But flying the nano it was like a hurricane. I'm not the most coordinated pilot and I'm not the best but I know my way around and to the lame I may look pretty good. My god I hate this heli....there is not enough room to fly inside. Basically all...
They are difficult to miss at events in their bright orange, red, or blue shirts. You may find them on the flightline competing for a top prize, or they may be in the pits helping another modeler tweak his or her airplane. Kids and adults may have admiration in their eyes as they ask these sponsored pilots for advice and check out the latest Horizon Hobby, Futaba, or 3D Hobby Shop products.

Sponsored pilots don’t live glamorous lives but they have coveted spots that some aeromodelers only dream of having. Pilots must work hard to get to this point, while keeping their egos in check and...
Ok so all you people involved in they Gyro industry... Tell us. Whats the next step? Faster response rates? Hard Deck? Faster Piro Rates? On Field programming through your phone? So what will be the next thing in Gyros?


Super fast response time. No delay whatsoever between stick movement and servo throw

Super high resolution. Every gyro has a resolution (how granular the correction is) dependant upon the processors used internally. So if your doing FAST piroflips (past 740 DegP/Sec) , having a super high resolution gyro will ensure very smooth flips and rolls....
Here is an awesome announcement from the Soko Heli Tools. Announcing the addition of a new Team Pilot. Congratulations to Michael Shaw and Soko Heli Tools. Continue through to read the announcement from Soko Heli Tools, watch a flight vid of Michael in action with his Compass 7HV, and find a link to get your very own Soko Kit.

Soko Heli Tools

Soko Heli Tools is proud to welcome Michael “Mikey” Shaw (Whangarei, NZ) to the team. Never heard of Mikey? You are going to for sure! Mikey started flying RC with planes when he was 11 years old. But once he saw a...
Check out this vid shared by Chris Reibert. Join Chris as he unboxes his Goblin 570 for the first time. Click through to see what you get in the box. Enjoy the vid everyone.

SAB Goblin 570 Unboxing Review by Chris Reibert

Click here to view the embedded video.

Come join me as I open up the new Goblin 570 kit and check out all the goodness inside.

Gobln 570 SPECS:

• Main rotor diameter: 1278 mm (with 570 mm blades)
• FBL System
• Main blade length:550 to 575mm
• Tail...
Here are some precious memories and some NEW crashes as well. Enjoy!


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