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Ahh I love the sound of blades snapping and frames cracking in the morning. Post your Crash of the Day and i will explain why i did it...
Well I'm on...
This is a REALLY clean looking forum, hope it gets big, really big. Like Adam said to Eve "Stand back, not sure how big this is going to get!"

Looking forward to squeezing this in between flying, and the sim (family and work are in there too)
Cheers all

Looking forward to Flying on the W/E Jeff B, hanging out in fact....
All discussions related to MRCHC post here. The club website is and the facebook page is
May I offer CrashGod, by way of sacrifice, an incident from last October, in which I hit not one, but 2 trees! I am humbled your abilities and divine smack down![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
I have been asked to create a mini setup guide here on the HG forums. I appreciate the interest, and here we go:

Vortex setup is pretty straight forward, but can differ significantly from other FBL controllers. The same basics still apply though. Get your mechanical setup as close to perfect as possible, remove any radio subtrims and expo, and set your preferred throttle curves.

I have attached the current (As of 18 March, 2014) setup and tuning documents To this post as well

The Vortex Knowledge base can be found...
Well someone has to start it. It looks like its me. What can i say I loved Vbar easy
to set up works great. But i was introduced to the CGY 750 and with the help
of Brett "YODA" Dargue i have sold all my Vbars "The dark side" and gone to
the right side of the force. Not bagging the Vbars they are great but if you want
tail authority and cyclic stability go for the CGY750. Any questions Im sure i could set you straight
if i cant i can ask the master YODA and get back to you...............................................
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU my young aprentices...........................
As you can see you are able to insert images etc into your signature. Does anyone know if you can resize images using BB Code?

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